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screaming trees (mark lanegan)
Uncle anesthesia
Lp; nuovo; stereo; eu zoom
Euro 31,00    
Phillips anthony (genesis)
Private parts & pieces 3: anti
Lp; originale; stereo; ita zoom
Euro 23,00    
Moss buddy
George mitchell collection (re
Lp; originale; stereo; usa zoom
Euro 23,00    
Lp; ristampa; stereo; ita zoom
Euro 20,00    
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Catalogue updated on 29-05-2023

new releases

Fontaines d.c./let's eat grand
The endless coloured ways
7"; nuovo; stereo; euzoom
Euro 18,00    
amatssou (ltd. white vinyl)
lp; nuovo; stereo; euzoom
Euro 38,00    
Songs of surrender
Lp2; nuovo; stereo; euzoom
Euro 48,00    
young fathers
Heavy heavy (red)
Lp; nuovo; stereo; euzoom
Euro 35,00    
Food for worms (ltd purple)
Lp; nuovo; stereo; czezoom
Euro 34,00    
xiu xiu
Ignore grief (ltd silver)
Lp; nuovo; stereo; czezoom
Euro 33,00    
Rolling stones
grrr live (3lps)
lp3; nuovo; stereo; euzoom
Euro 72,00    
Del rey lana
Did you know that there's a tu
Lp2; nuovo; stereo; czezoom
Euro 48,00    
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