author Aa.vv ( acid jazz )   Euro
title The best of acid jazz  
support Lp edition original issue          stereo  
year 1991 print uk label   acid jazz records   item id. 601156

conditions   [vinyl]  Excellent  [cover]  Excellent   try to 'translate' with Google.

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Prima stampa Uk, copertina lucida, etichetta bianca con piccolo spicchio nero e scritte bianche e nere, Lp pubblicato in Uk dalla Acid Jazz Records nel 1991, compilation di elettronica e jazz; ecco la scaletta con i retativi interpreti: "Never stop", The K-Collective - "I'm the one", D-Influence - "Techno powers", A man called Adam - "Everything's going to the beat" (strictly speaaking mix), Ace of Clubs -"Accept it like this", Peace of Mind - "I don't want to see myself (without you)", Terry Callier - "Love in the making", Rose Windros - "Let the good times roll", The Quiet Boys featuring Galliano - "Spinning wheel", The New Jersey Kings - "Gimmie one of those", The Brand New Heavies.    
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