author Aa.vv. (clash tribute)   Euro
title Clash tribute  
support Lp edition original issue          stereo  
year 1991 print ger label   released emotion   item id. 600951

conditions   [vinyl]  Excellent  [cover]  Excellent   try to 'translate' with Google.

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Sottotitolato: "The never ending story part 1". Prima stampa inglese, copertina lucida completa di inner sleeve con piccola sagomatura al centro, etichetta meta' bianca meta' nera con scritte bianche e nere, Lp pubblicato in Uk dalla Released Emotions Records (REM 014) nel 1991, compilation tributo ai Clash, con la seguente scaletta e relativi gruppi: "Capital radio" Idesctructible Beat, "Complete control" Bleach, "Charlie don't surf" Kage Engineering, "London's burning" Pop Am Good, "Washington bullet (New world order mix)" Attila and the Stockbroker, "Version city" Terry Edwards, "Bankrobber" Anhrefn & One Style MDV, "Hateful" Levellers 5, "English civil war (Johnny comes marching home)" Price, "Spanish bombs" Walls have ears, "London calling" Mass, "Armagideon time" Moonflowers, "London's burning (reprise)" Serious Thinking.    
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