author Aa. vv- dj hype & true playaz   Euro
title real vibes  
support 12"x6 edition original issue          stereo  
year 1998 print uk label   true playaz   item id. 44600

conditions   [vinyl]  Excellent  [cover]  Excellent   try to 'translate' with Google.

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prima stampa Inglese, sestuplo 12'' con copertina in cartoncino lucido fronte retro contenente 6 12'' con copertina neutra nera lucida sagomati nel centro, etichetta nera con logo e scritte arancio e bianche. pubblicato in Inghilterra nel 1998, contiene i seguenti brani- dj hype- closer to god, pascal- real vibes. dj zinc- driven, dj nut nut- the finest, dj hype- only one life ganja kru remix, pascal- pressure, preestyles- musically dopo ganja kru remix, dj swift 2nd strike, dj hype- the big 30h, pascal- relity of 98 shimon remix, dj zinc- toothbrush, terminal outkast- way out east.    
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