author Aa.vv. (fatboy slim...)   Euro
title Big kahuna kicks one  
support lp2 edition original issue          stereo  
year 1998 print uk label   mako   item id. 44367

conditions   [vinyl]  Excellent  [cover]  Excellent   try to 'translate' with Google.

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prima stampa Inglese, doppio album con copertina lucida ed adesivo rotondo, etichetta custom fotograffica da un lato e grafica dall'altro. pubblicato in Inghilterra nel 1998. Compilation album di club dance alternative, vede i seguenti brani- What Is Kahuna? [Fatboy Slim Mix] FC Kahuna , Seize the Time Fuselage 4:51 , No Backup Kilo 4:33 , Here We Go Now [The Magnum Force Mix] DJ Kool Meets Crooklyn Clan 6:32 , Chunkblower El Destructo 5:09 , Killing Time on the 15th Floor [Urban DK Mix] FC Kahuna 6:33 , Theme from 'Language Lab' # [Original Version] Language Lab 4:08, Monkey Guts Fuselage, Vibrotica for Vuxna El Destructo 3:55 , Bright Morning White FC Kahuna 6:46, Clarity Cocktail MAgnum Force 7:42 .    
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