author Oasis   Euro
title Acoustic glory (radio sessions)  
support Lp edition new record          stereo  
year 1993 print eu label     item id. 2082812

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copertina lucida, etichette custom. Raccolta di brani prevalentemente acustici eseguiti per radio e varie locations. La scaletta: up in the sky (evening session maida vale studios London, BBc radio One, 22 dicembre 1993), (what's the story) morning glory?( capitol radio studios, 6 novembre 1995), Shakermaker, Live forever (Creation records birthday, Royal albert hall di Londra, 4 giugno 1994), Cast no shadow (backstage del Glastonbury festival 23 giugno 1995), Talk tonight (con Paul Weller, Channel 4 television, 17 aprile 1995), Supersonic (Mark Lamarr show, BBC radio, 3 maggio 1994) , Wonderwall, Don't look back in anger, You've got to hide your away (Gary Crwoley show, Greater London radio, 2 novembre 1995), Married with childred (mark lamarr show bbc radio, 3 maggio 1994), Whatever (mtv most wanted, 18 agosto 1994)    
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