author Aa.vv. (indie 90)   Euro
title Yoyo a go go (96)  
support lp3 edition original issue          stereo  
year 1996 print usa label   yoyo   item id. 105197

conditions   [vinyl]  excellent  [cover]  excellent   try to 'translate' with Google.

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etichetta bianca e grigia scritte nere. Pubblicato dalla Yoyo recordings nel 1996, questo triplo album documenta i concerti tenuti durante il festival Yo Yo a Go Go fra il 12 ed il 17 luglio del 1994 al Capitol Theater di Olympia, Washington, che vide la partecipazione di musicisti locali poco noti e di esponenti di primo piano come Beck, Codeine ed Unwound. Questa la scaletta dei brani: The Rickets, "Three reichs you're out"; Excuse 17, "Carson"; Bloodthirsty Butchers, "Lost in time"; Godheadsilo, "Another schizoid embolism"; Heavens To Betsy, "Ax men"; Fits Of Depression, "Take it away"; The Halo Benders, "Freedom riders"; Copass Grinderz, "Mongoose"; Mukilteo Fairies, "Push push, you make me wanna choke"; Girl Trouble, "My home town"; Karp, "Me big mouth"; Beck, "Title unknown, Sleeping bag"; Cub, "Your bed"; New Bad Things, "P.R.O.D.U.C.T."; The Stinky Puffs, "I love you anyway"; Mecca Normal, "I walk alone"; Codeine, "D"; Mary Lou Lord, "Helsinki"; Team Dresch, "The lesbionic story"; Neutral Milk Hotel, "Love me on a tuesday"; Dig Yr Grave, "Lone surfer ghost"; The Softies, "Empty patches"; The Crabs, "Dream boat"; Kicking Giant, "Blonde's blonde"; Gerogia And Ira, "F-train"; Versus, "Frog"; Satellite, "Shot"; Crayon, "Forever nearly true"; Nuzzle, "Crimson tide"; Long Hind Legs, "R is for rocket"; Some Velvet Sidewalk, "Apple"; Lois, "Strumpet"; Hush Harbor, "Day old tree"; Blair Mailer, "Special sunrise"; Unwound, "Valentine card"    
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