author Aa.vv. (indie 90)   Euro
title Monochrome  
support Lp edition original issue          stereo  
year 1990 print uk label   mighty   item id. 105002

conditions   [vinyl]  Excellent  [cover]  Very good   try to 'translate' with Google.

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copertina senza codice a barre, etichetta foto b/n.Pubblicata dalla Mighty Sheffield Records nel 1990, questa compilation uscita per la label del fotografo Steven Stevlor presenta quattordici brani ad opera di oscure band di Sheffield e dintorni, dagli stili assai differenti che vanno dall'industrial al post punk, dal pop al punk al dark. Questa la scaletta dei bani: 'Bedlam Choir, ''Find my way''; The Warhols, ''Bring 'em back alive''; The Pralines, ''Carry on''; Nothing In Particular, ''Too young''; Psycho Terrorists, ''The church of the holy virus''; Sepulchre, ''The tree cracked''; Innocent Child, ''Satisfied''; Chasing The Rays, ''Strange fascination''; The Corpse Grinders, ''New world''; The Muzzle Club, ''Slade''; Innocent Child, ''Burnout''; Peter Jones, ''Universal Beat''; Spinout, ''Headfull of fire''; Poisonous Little Creatures, ''Fallen angel''.    
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