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107-34-8933 (Nik pascal) - Numbers Euro 27,00                          
Lp, new record,  stereo, eu,  1968,  wah wah,      
item id2088719  details  
13Th floor elevators - Easter everywhere Euro 27,00                          
lp, new record,  stereo, eu,  1968,  international art. / private,      
item id2103549  details  
13th floor elevators - headstone - the contact sessions Euro 30,00                          
Lp, original issue,  mono, uk,  1966,  charly / international artists, Excellent Excellent    
item id701566  details  
13th floor elevators - live at the avalon ballroom - september 2 1966 Euro 20,00                          
Lp, new record,  mono, usa,  1966,  lysergic records,      
item id2099752  details  
13th floor elevators - Psychedelic sounds of Euro 17,00                          
Lp, new record,  stereo, usa,  1966,  international artist,      
item id2103067  details  
13Th floor elevators - you're gonna miss me (rsd 2016) Euro 23,00                          
10", new record,  stereo, eu,  1967,  charly / snapper,      
item id2098072  details  
1910 fruitgum co. - simon says Euro 45,00                          
lp, original issue,  stereo, usa,  1967,  buddah, excellent excellent    
item id103112  details  
4 Pennies - 2 Sides of the 4 pennies Euro 75,00                          
Lp, original issue,  mono, uk,  1964,  philips, Excellent Good    
item id327921  details  
4 Seasons - 4 Seasons greetings (+2 tracks) Euro 19,00                          
Lp, new record,  stereo, eu,  1962,  doxy,      
item id3507369  details  
4 Seasons - Genuine imitation of life gazzette Euro 30,00                          
Lp, original issue,  stereo, usa,  1969,  philips, Excellent Excellent    
item id328429  details  
49Th parallel - 49Th parallel Euro 28,00                          
Lp, new record,  stereo, usa,  1969,  lion productions,      
item id2100047  details  
49Th parallel - 49Th parallel (promo) Euro 85,00                          
Lp, promo issue,  stereo, can,  1969,  maverick, Excellent Fair    
item id229468  details  
49Th parallel - singles Euro 27,00                          
Lp, new record,  stereo, usa,  1966,  lion productions,      
item id2051617  details  
A passing fancy - a passing fancy Euro 380,00                          
Lp, original issue,  stereo, can,  1968,  boo, Excellent Excellent    
item id236676  details  
Aa. vv. ( country ) - best of country and west vol. 2 Euro 18,00                          
lp, original issue,  stereo, ger,  1969,  rca, Excellent Excellent    
item id46544  details  
Aa. vv. ( folk uk ) - Contemporary guitar sampler Euro 22,00                          
Lp, original issue,  stereo, uk,  1969,  Transatlantic, Excellent Excellent    
item id320121  details  
Aa. vv. ( folk uk ) - Contemporary guitar sampler vol. 1+2 Euro 28,00                          
lp2, second issue,  stereo, fra,  1969,  Transatlantic, Excellent Excellent    
item id236345  details  
Aa. vv. ( swedish psych ) - Who will buy these wonderful evils vol. 6 Euro 19,00                          
Lp, new record,  stereo, eu,  1966,  busy bee,      
item id2088741  details  
Aa. vv. ( swedish psych ) - Who will buy these... vol 4 Euro 19,00                          
Lp, new record,  stereo, swe,  1967,  hot stuff,      
item id2087695  details  
Aa. vv. ( uk popsike 60s ) - Fairy cakes for tea Euro 28,00                          
lp2, new record,  stereo, uk,  1966,  psychic circle,      
item id2009726  details  
Aa. vv. (60's pop) - star spectacular Euro 20,00                          
lp, original issue,  stereo, uk,  1967,  emi, Excellent Excellent    
item id214682  details  
Aa. vv. (dylan, seeger, cash.. - All-star hootenanny Euro 25,00                          
Lp, original issue,  stereo, usa,  1964,  columbia, excellent Very good    
item id108509  details  
Aa. vv. (garage punk) - i've had enough! Euro 19,00                          
lp, new record,  mono, usa,  1966,  norton,      
item id3011013  details  
Aa. vv. (garage punk) - she was so bad! volume two Euro 17,00                          
lp, new record,  mono, usa,  1966,  norton,      
item id3011011  details  
Aa. vv. (garage punk) - train to nowhere! Euro 19,00                          
lp, new record,  mono, usa,  1966,  norton,      
item id3011014  details  

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