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Aa.vv. (jimi hendrix tribute) - In from the storm (picture disc) Euro 23,00                          
Lp, original issue,  stereo, uk,  1995,  rca, Excellent Excellent    
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Aa.vv. (lightnin' beat man, in-sekt...) - Mondo beatman Euro 20,00                          
7" ep, original issue,  stereo, ita,  1999,  rockin'bones, Excellent Excellent    
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Aa.vv. (makers, teengenerate, rip offs...) - Rip Off Records – The Early Ones Euro 25,00                          
Lp, original issue,  stereo, usa,  1993,  rip off, Excellent Excellent    
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Aa.vv. (musica italiana) - Una notte in italia – ivano fossati un autore per amico Euro 18,00                          
Lp, original issue,  stereo, ita,  1990,  epic, Excellent Excellent    
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Aa.vv. (neo psych) - Fun with mushrooms Euro 26,00                          
Lp, original issue,  stereo, uk,  1993,  delerium, Excellent Excellent    
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Aa.vv. (NOFX, Burning Heads... - Panic now Euro 10,00                          
Lp, original issue,  stereo, ita,  1997,  panic, Very good Very good    
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Aa.vv. (NOFX, Burning Heads... - Panic now Euro 18,00                          
Lp, original issue,  stereo, ita,  1997,  panic, Excellent Excellent    
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Aa.vv. (paul chain, de corto...) - Punto zero 5/6 (+bonus 7") Euro 25,00                          
LP+7", original issue,  stereo, ita,  1991,  toast, Excellent Excellent    
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Aa.vv. (pixies, rem...) - I'm your fan – the songs of... Euro 23,00                          
lp2, original issue,  stereo, hol,  1991,  columbia, Excellent Very good    
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Aa.vv. (PJ Harvey, Lee Ranaldo, Moose...) - Outlaw blues volume two - a tribute to bob dylan Euro 24,00                          
Lp, original issue,  stereo, uk,  1993,  imaginary, Excellent Excellent    
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Aa.vv. (punk new wave) - a scream from the silence vol. 1 Euro 20,00                          
lp, original issue,  stereo, uk,  1991,  loony tunes rec., Excellent Excellent    
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Aa.vv. (punk new wave) - deafening divinities with aural affinities (Beggars Banqquet Collection Vol.2) Euro 19,00                          
lp, original issue,  stereo, uk,  1993,  beggars banquet, Excellent Excellent    
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Aa.vv. (punk new wave) - Dedicated-tribute to grateful dead Euro 26,00                          
lp2, original issue,  stereo, ger,  1991,  arista, Excellent Excellent    
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Aa.vv. (punk new wave) - Freak the sheep Euro 20,00                          
Lp, original issue,  stereo, nzl,  1991,  flying nun, Excellent Excellent    
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Aa.vv. (punk new wave) - Palatine – the single Euro 10,00                          
12'', original issue,  stereo, uk,  1991,  factory, Excellent Good    
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Aa.vv. (punk new wave) - Progression Euro 18,00                          
Lp, original issue,  stereo, uk,  1994,  progression, Excellent Excellent    
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Aa.vv. (punk new wave) - Red hot blue (tribue to cole porter) Euro 12,00                          
Lp2, original issue,  stereo, ita,  1990,  chrysalis, Excellent Good    
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Aa.vv. (punk new wave) - Son of a witch Euro 21,00                          
Lp, original issue,  stereo, usa,  1991,  skyclad, Excellent Excellent    
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Aa.vv. (robert wyatt, green pajamas, carla bley...) - Tectonic ptolecope ep Euro 15,00                          
7" ep, original issue,  stereo, uk,  1992,  ptolemaic terrascope, Excellent Excellent    
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Aa.vv. (rock 60-70) - united artists for the poet (dylan tribute) Euro 18,00                          
lp, original issue,  stereo, ita,  1991,  columbia, Excellent Excellent    
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Aa.vv. (rupert hine) - One world one voice Euro 20,00                          
Lp, original issue,  stereo, uk,  1990,  virgin, Excellent Excellent    
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Aa.vv. (sebadoh, eric's Trip...) - Curtis w. pitts: sub pop employee of the month Euro 16,00                          
Lp, original issue,  stereo, usa,  1992,  sub pop, Excellent Very good    
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Aa.vv. (skin yard, tonyall...) - Untitled Euro 10,00                          
7" ep, original issue,  stereo, ita,  1991,  rockerilla/cruz, Excellent     
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Aa.vv. (sonic youth...) - Vera groningen Euro 28,00                          
Lp, original issue,  stereo, hol,  1990,  vera, Excellent Excellent    
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Aa.vv. (soundtrack) - Reservoir dogs ost (le iene) Euro 26,00                          
Lp, new record,  stereo, usa,  1992,  geffen,      
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