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Aa.vv. (rock 60-70) - 60'S italian beat resurrection! volume one: punk era Euro 60,00                          
Lp, original issue,  stereo, ita,  1966,  destination x, Excellent Excellent    
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Aa.vv. (rock 60-70) - Circles end vol. 1 (ltd. numbered) Euro 23,00                          
Lp, new record,  stereo, ita,  1968,  misty lane,      
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Aa.vv. (roky erickson tribute) - May the circle remain unbroken: a tribute to roky erickson (rsd 2021) Euro 36,00                          
LP2, new record,  stereo, usa,  2021,  light in the attic,      
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Aa.vv. (sick rose, birdman of alkatraz, green telescope) - Battle of the garages vol. 4 Euro 20,00                          
Lp, second issue,  stereo, usa,  1986,  voxx, Excellent Excellent    
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Aa.vv. (sick rose, birdman of alkatraz, green telescope) - Battle of the garages vol. 4 Euro 28,00                          
Lp, original issue,  stereo, usa,  1986,  voxx, Excellent Excellent    
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Aa.vv. (soul / funky) - birth of funk - low down and dirty Euro 19,00                          
lp, new record,  mono, uk,  1963,  history of soul,      
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Aa.vv. (soundtracks) - Soviet hippies ost (ltd. coloured vinyl) Euro 32,00                          
Lp, new record,  stereo, eu,  1971,  cece,      
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Abecedarians - Resin Euro 32,00                          
Lp, original issue,  stereo, usa,  1988,  caroline, Excellent Excellent    
item id250012  details  
AC/DC - Back in black Euro 20,00                          
Lp, original issue,  stereo, spa,  1980,  atlantic, Excellent Very good    
item id249847  details  
Ac/Dc - Dirty deeds done dirt cheap Euro 25,00                          
Lp, new record,  stereo, eu,  1976,  columbia,      
item id2104475  details  
Ac/Dc - highway to hell Euro 27,00                          
Lp, new record,  stereo, eu,  1979,  columbia,      
item id2103918  details  
Ac/Dc - powerage Euro 12,00                          
Lp, second issue,  stereo, ita,  1978,  atlantic, Excellent Good    
item id250042  details  
Accept - Staying a life Euro 31,00                          
lp2, new record,  stereo, eu,  1990,  music on vinyl,      
item id2104038  details  
Ackerman william - Past light Euro 13,00                          
lp, original issue,  stereo, ger,  1983,  windham hill, Excellent Very good    
item id249940  details  
Acqua fragile - Mass-media stars (ltd. violet vinyl) Euro 27,00                          
Lp, new record,  stereo, eu,  1974,  sony / rca,      
item id2104476  details  
Adkins hasil - Achy breaky ha ha ha Euro 22,00                          
Lp, new record,  stereo, usa,  1994,  norton,      
item id3513820  details  
Adverts - Cast of thousands (white vinyl) Euro 26,00                          
Lp, new record,  stereo, uk,  1979,  fire,      
item id3026993  details  
Aesop rock - Appleseed (coloured vinyl) Euro 29,00                          
12", new record,  stereo, usa,  1999,  Rhymesayers Entertainment,      
item id3513706  details  
Afghan whigs - Up in it (loser edition) Euro 29,00                          
Lp, new record,  stereo, usa,  1990,  sub pop,      
item id2104477  details  
African head charge - Churchical chant of the iyabinghi Euro 25,00                          
Lp, new record,  stereo, eu,  2020,  on-u sound,      
item id3513812  details  
African head charge - Touch i (promo white label) Euro 18,00                          
12", promo issue,  stereo, uk,  1994,  on-u sound, Excellent     
item id333558  details  
Afterhours - Ballate per piccole iene (vin. rosso) Euro 27,00                          
Lp, new record,  stereo, eu,  2005,  universal,      
item id2104292  details  
Against me! - Reinventing axl rose Euro 23,00                          
Lp, new record,  stereo, usa,  2002,  fat wreck,      
item id2103471  details  
Ahbez eden - Eden's Island (The Music Of An Enchanted Isle) Euro 22,00                          
Lp, new record,  stereo, eu,  1960,  life goes on,      
item id3026882  details  
Aitken laurel - Fantastic laurel aitken Euro 17,00                          
Lp, new record,  stereo, ita,  1971,  radiation roots,      
item id3027135  details  

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