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Edition of the copy:
- lp (33 or 45 rpm), 12" or 7" single, other (e.g. books and dvd's)
- promo, acetate, original, second third print or reissue, new
. New discs are not necessarily sealed, nor all editions come wrapped in Cellophane (for instance, cellophane is not common in the UK). We often open records to check editions, and in the store, if a customer asks us to play a track, we do.
If you want sealed records only (in the editions out with cellophane), please specify it in the message when you send the order so as to avoid disappointment.
. A reissue is a used record. In case of new records, if these are reissues, it is indicated in the descriptions.

- Stereo, mono or quadraphonic
- country where the copy was printed : US-UK (United Kingdom)-eu (Europe)-ita, etc.
year when the title was first released
. not about the first release . If different and known, it is specified in the notes
. for compilations, a reference year can be reported as to the content
Vinyl and cover conditions for the used (scale: excellent- very good-good-fair-poor)
notes on edition, music content, author's biography
price in euro

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- each image related to non new records refer to the copy presented
- for new records, any sticker on the cover may refer to different editions previously scanned of the same title. The written description attests the features of the referred edition.

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Before shipping records that are not new, we check them. If our check shows the records do not match the description provided, we will inform you.
To ease your search for the "perfect copy", for years now we have been practicing the following policy: IT IS OUR COMMITMENT TO BUY BACK ANY RECORD YOU BOUGHT FROM ROCK BOTTOM and replace it with a different edition or a better copy of the same title. For doing so, we will only charge you the price difference between your old copy and your new purchase.
For instance, if we sell you a non-gatefold sleeve Italian reissue of The Genesis' Trespass which costs you 9 euros and then you decide you want the original English copy of the same title - with gatefold sleeve and insert, "Charisma rosa" label, 80 euros - please sell us your copy back and we will value it exactly the same price you paid for it. Likewise, a "VG+" copy will be easily replaced with an "Excellent" one by just paying us the price difference, if any. Everything clear?
The warranty is only valid when:
- the Rock Bottom label is still on the clear external sleeve, with the price and description of the record still readable.
- all inserts (at least the ones listed on our descriptional label) must be there.
- the record you are selling us back must be in exactly the same condition as those described on our label.